Bible Quiz – James 3

Learning Box (JS3A):

James here is giving an illustration for his point. James claims that mankind uses their tongue to bless God and curse men. He says that this should not be the case. The tongue should be used to bless God, and also bless man who has been made in the image of God. A fig tree does not bring forth olives, a grapevine does not bring forth figs and a spring can not bring forth both salt and fresh water from the same opening. Likewise, our tongues should not be cursing men while we also bless God at the same time. If we speak evil of our neighbor and curse him, we are, in fact, speaking evil of and cursing God in whose image our neighbor is made. James says that no one is perfect. This is true. But we should strive to bless both God and our neighbor and to keep our tongues from saying things we shouldn’t be saying.